National Football League – NFL

2017-18 Season

Come in and enjoy the entire season of 2017-18 NFL season and see if the New England Patriots can win another Superbowl. During the season we show multiple games on all our Multiple HDTV’s. We also always have English Audio on during the games. We record all games so we can replay them the following day.

In Thailand the NFL games are shown the following day, since we are 1 day ahead.

USA Game Day:
Sunday -> Shown Monday Morning
Monday Night Football -> Shown Tuesday Morning
Thursday Night Football -> Shown Friday Morning
Saturday -> Shown Sunday Morning

All late USA games are shown when we open at 8am. The overnight games we record and will always have one playing when we open with a live game. You can also request during the day to see a recorded game.

If you have a group that would like to watch an overnight game please contact us about booking a private event.

Superbowl 51 – Live from Minnesota

This year the Superbowl is located in Minneapolis Minnesota on February 4, 2018. We will be opening earlier Monday February 5, 2018 for the game. Come join us as we have the most energetic atmosphere in Chiang Mai for the big game.

We open at 7:30 am for the early games.

During the live more games we show two overnight games.
Also 5:30 pm on Game Day we do replays

We can also replay the games at anytime during the week.

If you have a group that is interested in a particular game that we will not be open for, please contact us to see if arrangements can be made.

Oakland Raiders
Seattle Seahawks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta Falcons
New York Jets
New Orleans Saints
Washington Redskins
San Francisco 49ers
Arizona Cardinals
Buffalo Bills
Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Carolina Panthers
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans
Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs
Indianapolis Colts
Los Angeles Rams
Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
Los Angeles Chargers
Jacksonville Jaguars
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots
New York Giants
Tennessee Titans
  Week 1
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Sep 8 7:30 am  Kansas City Chiefs  New England Patriots
 Mon Sep 11 12:00 am  Arizona Cardinals  Detroit Lions
  12:00 am  Atlanta Falcons  Chicago Bears
  12:00 am  Baltimore Ravens  Cincinnati Bengals
  12:00 am  Jacksonville Jaguars  Houston Texans
  12:00 am  New York Jets  Buffalo Bills
  12:00 am  Oakland Raiders  Tennessee Titans
  12:00 am  Philadelphia Eagles  Washington Redskins
  12:00 am  Pittsburgh Steelers  Cleveland Browns
  12:00 am  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Miami Dolphins
  3:05 am  Indianapolis Colts  Los Angeles Rams
  3:25 am  Carolina Panthers  San Francisco 49ers
  3:25 am  Seattle Seahawks  Green Bay Packers
  7:30 am  New York Giants  Dallas Cowboys
 Tue Sep 12 6:10 am  New Orleans Saints  Minnesota Vikings
  9:20 am  Los Angeles Chargers  Denver Broncos
  Week 2
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Sep 15 7:25 am  Houston Texans  Cincinnati Bengals
 Mon Sep 17 12:00 am  Arizona Cardinals  Indianapolis Colts
  12:00 am  Buffalo Bills  Carolina Panthers
  12:00 am  Chicago Bears  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  12:00 am  Cleveland Browns  Baltimore Ravens
  12:00 am  Minnesota Vikings  Pittsburgh Steelers
  12:00 am  New England Patriots  New Orleans Saints
  12:00 am  Philadelphia Eagles  Kansas City Chiefs
  12:00 am  Tennessee Titans  Jacksonville Jaguars
  3:05 am  Miami Dolphins  Los Angeles Chargers
  3:05 am  New York Jets  Oakland Raiders
  3:25 am  Dallas Cowboys  Denver Broncos
  3:25 am  San Francisco 49ers  Seattle Seahawks
  3:25 am  Washington Redskins  Los Angeles Rams
  7:30 am  Green Bay Packers  Atlanta Falcons
 Tue Sep 19 7:30 am  Detroit Lions  New York Giants
  Week 3
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Sep 22 7:25 am  Los Angeles Rams  San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Sep 24 8:30 pm  Baltimore Ravens  Jacksonville Jaguars ¹
 Mon Sep 25 12:00 am  Atlanta Falcons  Detroit Lions
  12:00 am  Cleveland Browns  Indianapolis Colts
  12:00 am  Denver Broncos  Buffalo Bills
  12:00 am  Houston Texans  New England Patriots
  12:00 am  Miami Dolphins  New York Jets
  12:00 am  New Orleans Saints  Carolina Panthers
  12:00 am  New York Giants  Philadelphia Eagles
  12:00 am  Pittsburgh Steelers  Chicago Bears
  12:00 am  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Minnesota Vikings
  3:05 am  Seattle Seahawks  Tennessee Titans
  3:25 am  Cincinnati Bengals  Green Bay Packers
  3:25 am  Kansas City Chiefs  Los Angeles Chargers
  7:30 am  Oakland Raiders  Washington Redskins
 Tue Sep 26 7:30 am  Dallas Cowboys  Arizona Cardinals
 ¹ This game is being played in London, England.

  Week 4
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Sep 29 7:25 am  Chicago Bears  Green Bay Packers
 Sun Oct 1 8:30 pm  New Orleans Saints  Miami Dolphins ¹
 Mon Oct 2 12:00 am  Buffalo Bills  Atlanta Falcons
  12:00 am  Carolina Panthers  New England Patriots
  12:00 am  Cincinnati Bengals  Cleveland Browns
  12:00 am  Detroit Lions  Minnesota Vikings
  12:00 am  Jacksonville Jaguars  New York Jets
  12:00 am  Los Angeles Rams  Dallas Cowboys
  12:00 am  Pittsburgh Steelers  Baltimore Ravens
  12:00 am  Tennessee Titans  Houston Texans
  3:05 am  New York Giants  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3:05 am  Philadelphia Eagles  Los Angeles Chargers
  3:05 am  San Francisco 49ers  Arizona Cardinals
  3:25 am  Oakland Raiders  Denver Broncos
  7:30 am  Indianapolis Colts  Seattle Seahawks
 Tue Oct 3 7:30 am  Washington Redskins  Kansas City Chiefs
 ¹ This game is being played in London, England.

  Week 5
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Oct 6 7:25 am  New England Patriots  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
 Mon Oct 9 12:00 am  Arizona Cardinals  Philadelphia Eagles
  12:00 am  Buffalo Bills  Cincinnati Bengals
  12:00 am  Carolina Panthers  Detroit Lions
  12:00 am  Jacksonville Jaguars  Pittsburgh Steelers
  12:00 am  Los Angeles Chargers  New York Giants
  12:00 am  New York Jets  Cleveland Browns
  12:00 am  San Francisco 49ers  Indianapolis Colts
  12:00 am  Tennessee Titans  Miami Dolphins
  3:05 am  Baltimore Ravens  Oakland Raiders
  3:05 am  Seattle Seahawks  Los Angeles Rams
  3:25 am  Green Bay Packers  Dallas Cowboys
  7:30 am  Kansas City Chiefs  Houston Texans
 Tue Oct 10 7:30 am  Minnesota Vikings  Chicago Bears
 Bye: Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans, Washington

  Week 6
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Oct 13 7:25 am  Philadelphia Eagles  Carolina Panthers
 Mon Oct 16 12:00 am  Chicago Bears  Baltimore Ravens
  12:00 am  Cleveland Browns  Houston Texans
  12:00 am  Detroit Lions  New Orleans Saints
  12:00 am  Green Bay Packers  Minnesota Vikings
  12:00 am  Miami Dolphins  Atlanta Falcons
  12:00 am  New England Patriots  New York Jets
  12:00 am  San Francisco 49ers  Washington Redskins
  3:05 am  Los Angeles Rams  Jacksonville Jaguars
  3:05 am  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Arizona Cardinals
  3:25 am  Los Angeles Chargers  Oakland Raiders
  3:25 am  Pittsburgh Steelers  Kansas City Chiefs
  7:30 am  New York Giants  Denver Broncos
 Tue Oct 17 7:30 am  Indianapolis Colts  Tennessee Titans
 Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Dallas, Seattle

  Week 7
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Oct 20 7:25 am  Kansas City Chiefs  Oakland Raiders
 Mon Oct 23 12:00 am  Arizona Cardinals  Los Angeles Rams ¹
  12:00 am  Baltimore Ravens  Minnesota Vikings
  12:00 am  Carolina Panthers  Chicago Bears
  12:00 am  Cincinnati Bengals  Pittsburgh Steelers
  12:00 am  Jacksonville Jaguars  Indianapolis Colts
  12:00 am  New Orleans Saints  Green Bay Packers
  12:00 am  New York Jets  Miami Dolphins
  12:00 am  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Buffalo Bills
  12:00 am  Tennessee Titans  Cleveland Browns
  3:05 am  Dallas Cowboys  San Francisco 49ers
  3:25 am  Denver Broncos  Los Angeles Chargers
  3:25 am  Seattle Seahawks  New York Giants
  7:30 am  Atlanta Falcons  New England Patriots
 Tue Oct 24 7:30 am  Washington Redskins  Philadelphia Eagles
 ¹ This game is being played in London, England.

 Bye: Detroit, Houston

  Week 8
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Oct 27 7:25 am  Miami Dolphins  Baltimore Ravens
 Sun Oct 29 8:30 pm  Minnesota Vikings  Cleveland Browns ¹
 Mon Oct 30 12:00 am  Atlanta Falcons  New York Jets
  12:00 am  Carolina Panthers  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  12:00 am  Chicago Bears  New Orleans Saints
  12:00 am  Indianapolis Colts  Cincinnati Bengals
  12:00 am  Los Angeles Chargers  New England Patriots
  12:00 am  Oakland Raiders  Buffalo Bills
  12:00 am  San Francisco 49ers  Philadelphia Eagles
  3:05 am  Houston Texans  Seattle Seahawks
  3:25 am  Dallas Cowboys  Washington Redskins
  7:30 am  Pittsburgh Steelers  Detroit Lions
 Tue Oct 31 7:30 am  Denver Broncos  Kansas City Chiefs
 ¹ This game is being played in London, England.

 Bye: Arizona, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, N.Y. Giants, Tennessee

  Week 9
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Nov 3 7:25 am  Buffalo Bills  New York Jets
 Mon Nov 6 1:00 am  Atlanta Falcons  Carolina Panthers
  1:00 am  Baltimore Ravens  Tennessee Titans
  1:00 am  Cincinnati Bengals  Jacksonville Jaguars
  1:00 am  Denver Broncos  Philadelphia Eagles
  1:00 am  Indianapolis Colts  Houston Texans
  1:00 am  Los Angeles Rams  New York Giants
  1:00 am  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  New Orleans Saints
  4:05 am  Arizona Cardinals  San Francisco 49ers
  4:05 am  Washington Redskins  Seattle Seahawks
  4:25 am  Kansas City Chiefs  Dallas Cowboys
  8:30 am  Oakland Raiders  Miami Dolphins
 Tue Nov 7 8:30 am  Detroit Lions  Green Bay Packers
 Bye: Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Minnesota, New England, Pittsburgh

  Week 10
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Nov 10 8:25 am  Seattle Seahawks  Arizona Cardinals
 Mon Nov 13 1:00 am  Cincinnati Bengals  Tennessee Titans
  1:00 am  Cleveland Browns  Detroit Lions
  1:00 am  Green Bay Packers  Chicago Bears
  1:00 am  Los Angeles Chargers  Jacksonville Jaguars
  1:00 am  Minnesota Vikings  Washington Redskins
  1:00 am  New Orleans Saints  Buffalo Bills
  1:00 am  New York Jets  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  1:00 am  Pittsburgh Steelers  Indianapolis Colts
  4:05 am  Houston Texans  Los Angeles Rams
  4:25 am  Dallas Cowboys  Atlanta Falcons
  4:25 am  New York Giants  San Francisco 49ers
  8:30 am  New England Patriots  Denver Broncos
 Tue Nov 14 8:30 am  Miami Dolphins  Carolina Panthers
 Bye: Baltimore, Kansas City, Oakland, Philadelphia

  Week 11
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Nov 17 8:25 am  Tennessee Titans  Pittsburgh Steelers
 Mon Nov 20 1:00 am  Arizona Cardinals  Houston Texans
  1:00 am  Baltimore Ravens  Green Bay Packers
  1:00 am  Detroit Lions  Chicago Bears
  1:00 am  Jacksonville Jaguars  Cleveland Browns
  1:00 am  Kansas City Chiefs  New York Giants
  1:00 am  Los Angeles Rams  Minnesota Vikings
  1:00 am  Washington Redskins  New Orleans Saints
  4:05 am  Buffalo Bills  Los Angeles Chargers
  4:25 am  Cincinnati Bengals  Denver Broncos
  4:25 am  New England Patriots  Oakland Raiders ¹
  8:30 am  Philadelphia Eagles  Dallas Cowboys
 Tue Nov 21 8:30 am  Atlanta Falcons  Seattle Seahawks
 ¹ This game is being played in Mexico City.

 Bye: Carolina, Indianapolis, Miami, N.Y. Jets, San Francisco, Tampa Bay

  Week 12
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Nov 24 12:30 am  Minnesota Vikings  Detroit Lions
  4:30 am  Los Angeles Chargers  Dallas Cowboys
  8:30 am  New York Giants  Washington Redskins
 Mon Nov 26 1:00 am  Buffalo Bills  Kansas City Chiefs
  1:00 am  Carolina Panthers  New York Jets
  1:00 am  Chicago Bears  Philadelphia Eagles
  1:00 am  Cleveland Browns  Cincinnati Bengals
  1:00 am  Miami Dolphins  New England Patriots
  1:00 am  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Atlanta Falcons
  1:00 am  Tennessee Titans  Indianapolis Colts
  4:05 am  New Orleans Saints  Los Angeles Rams
  4:05 am  Seattle Seahawks  San Francisco 49ers
  4:25 am  Denver Broncos  Oakland Raiders
  4:25 am  Jacksonville Jaguars  Arizona Cardinals
  8:30 am  Green Bay Packers  Pittsburgh Steelers
 Tue Nov 28 8:30 am  Houston Texans  Baltimore Ravens
  Week 13
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Dec 1 8:25 am  Washington Redskins  Dallas Cowboys
 Mon Dec 4 1:00 am  Carolina Panthers  New Orleans Saints
  1:00 am  Denver Broncos  Miami Dolphins
  1:00 am  Detroit Lions  Baltimore Ravens
  1:00 am  Houston Texans  Tennessee Titans
  1:00 am  Indianapolis Colts  Jacksonville Jaguars
  1:00 am  Kansas City Chiefs  New York Jets
  1:00 am  Minnesota Vikings  Atlanta Falcons
  1:00 am  New England Patriots  Buffalo Bills
  1:00 am  San Francisco 49ers  Chicago Bears
  1:00 am  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Green Bay Packers
  4:05 am  Cleveland Browns  Los Angeles Chargers
  4:25 am  Los Angeles Rams  Arizona Cardinals
  4:25 am  New York Giants  Oakland Raiders
  8:30 am  Philadelphia Eagles  Seattle Seahawks
 Tue Dec 5 8:30 am  Pittsburgh Steelers  Cincinnati Bengals
  Week 14
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Dec 8 8:25 am  New Orleans Saints  Atlanta Falcons
 Mon Dec 11 1:00 am  Chicago Bears  Cincinnati Bengals
  1:00 am  Detroit Lions  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  1:00 am  Green Bay Packers  Cleveland Browns
  1:00 am  Indianapolis Colts  Buffalo Bills
  1:00 am  Minnesota Vikings  Carolina Panthers
  1:00 am  Oakland Raiders  Kansas City Chiefs
  1:00 am  San Francisco 49ers  Houston Texans
  1:00 am  Seattle Seahawks  Jacksonville Jaguars
  4:05 am  New York Jets  Denver Broncos
  4:05 am  Tennessee Titans  Arizona Cardinals
  4:05 am  Washington Redskins  Los Angeles Chargers
  4:25 am  Dallas Cowboys  New York Giants
  4:25 am  Philadelphia Eagles  Los Angeles Rams
  8:30 am  Baltimore Ravens  Pittsburgh Steelers
 Tue Dec 12 8:30 am  New England Patriots  Miami Dolphins
  Week 15
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Fri Dec 15 8:25 am  Denver Broncos  Indianapolis Colts
 Sat Dec 17 4:30 am  Chicago Bears  Detroit Lions
  8:25 am  Los Angeles Chargers  Kansas City Chiefs
 Mon Dec 18 1:00 am  Arizona Cardinals  Washington Redskins
  1:00 am  Baltimore Ravens  Cleveland Browns
  1:00 am  Cincinnati Bengals  Minnesota Vikings
  1:00 am  Green Bay Packers  Carolina Panthers
  1:00 am  Houston Texans  Jacksonville Jaguars
  1:00 am  Miami Dolphins  Buffalo Bills
  1:00 am  New York Jets  New Orleans Saints
  1:00 am  Philadelphia Eagles  New York Giants
  4:05 am  Los Angeles Rams  Seattle Seahawks
  4:25 am  New England Patriots  Pittsburgh Steelers
  4:25 am  Tennessee Titans  San Francisco 49ers
  8:30 am  Dallas Cowboys  Oakland Raiders
 Tue Dec 19 8:30 am  Atlanta Falcons  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  Week 16
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Sun Dec 24 4:30 am  Indianapolis Colts  Baltimore Ravens
  8:30 am  Minnesota Vikings  Green Bay Packers
 Mon Dec 25 1:00 am  Atlanta Falcons  New Orleans Saints
  1:00 am  Buffalo Bills  New England Patriots
  1:00 am  Cleveland Browns  Chicago Bears
  1:00 am  Denver Broncos  Washington Redskins
  1:00 am  Detroit Lions  Cincinnati Bengals
  1:00 am  Los Angeles Chargers  New York Jets
  1:00 am  Los Angeles Rams  Tennessee Titans
  1:00 am  Miami Dolphins  Kansas City Chiefs
  1:00 am  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Carolina Panthers
  4:05 am  Jacksonville Jaguars  San Francisco 49ers
  4:25 am  New York Giants  Arizona Cardinals
  4:25 am  Seattle Seahawks  Dallas Cowboys
 Tue Dec 26 4:30 am  Pittsburgh Steelers  Houston Texans
  8:30 am  Oakland Raiders  Philadelphia Eagles
  Week 17
 Date Time (ICT)  Away Team  Home Team
 Mon Jan 1 1:00 am  Buffalo Bills  Miami Dolphins
  1:00 am  Carolina Panthers  Atlanta Falcons
  1:00 am  Chicago Bears  Minnesota Vikings
  1:00 am  Cincinnati Bengals  Baltimore Ravens
  1:00 am  Cleveland Browns  Pittsburgh Steelers
  1:00 am  Dallas Cowboys  Philadelphia Eagles
  1:00 am  Green Bay Packers  Detroit Lions
  1:00 am  Houston Texans  Indianapolis Colts
  1:00 am  Jacksonville Jaguars  Tennessee Titans
  1:00 am  New Orleans Saints  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  1:00 am  New York Jets  New England Patriots
  1:00 am  Washington Redskins  New York Giants
  4:25 am  Arizona Cardinals  Seattle Seahawks
  4:25 am  Kansas City Chiefs  Denver Broncos
  4:25 am  Oakland Raiders  Los Angeles Chargers
  4:25 am  San Francisco 49ers  Los Angeles Rams
 New Years Day we do not open until 11:00 am, to give the staff a chance to rest from NYE